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Although the winters in Tampa are mild, it’s necessary to work on winterizing an air conditioner. Not only does it keep your AC safe, but winterizing ensures your unit continues to operate well throughout the rest of the year. In addition, doing so allows you to address any issues before they occur.

To help you plan accordingly for the winter season, Action Air Conditioning HVAC specialists in Tampa, Florida, will provide you with our essential tips. 

image of sand snowman during mild tampa winters when people should be winterizing their air conditioners

Why should you winterize your AC?

Winterizing an AC protects your unit from drastic temperature fluctuations, rust, and damage. Specifically, the cold weather can thicken the oil in your compressor, which reduces compressor lubrication and potentially causes it to overheat. That’s why it’s vital to be prepared for the winter. Taking the time to winterize is vital for ensuring your system works properly for the upcoming seasons. 

Tips For Winterizing Your AC Unit

  • Schedule Regular Maintenance 

Scheduling frequent maintenance prevents any major system breakdowns that may occur due to cooler weather. Furthermore, these checks allow you to repair any malfunctioning parts before they become problematic. 

  • Clean Your Unit 

Winter is the ideal time to clean your HVAC system thoroughly. Since dirt & debris may appear in the vents, pipes, and ducts, carefully check and clean your indoor and outdoor components to prevent accumulation. 

  • Inspect Thermostat

You should inspect your thermostat for a successful transition to the winter months. Occasionally, it may require re-calibration or a battery change. Both will affect the efficiency of your HVAC system. If you plan on reducing your AC consumption due to a change in weather, you should alter your thermostat settings

  • Check For Abnormal Sounds & Odors

Heat and humidity during the summer may cause your system to run inefficiently, leading certain parts to malfunction. Therefore, use the winter to check for suspicious sounds and odors. Specifically, strange odors may indicate mold, mildew, or pest contamination. Tackling these issues early on helps prevent them from becoming costly or affecting your health.  

  • Trim Overgrown Vegetation

With the changing seasons, the vegetation surrounding your outdoor unit may become overgrown and reduce ventilation. To correct the issue, trim any trees or bushes at least a few inches to ensure your AC runs efficiently. 

  • Cover Your AC Unit

If you plan on keeping your AC off during the cool weather, covering it with a tarp will keep it safe from the elements when your unit is inactive. The great part about this is that it is easy to remove if you have a hot day and want to turn the AC back on. 

  • Inspect For Air Leaks

Whether you’re using your heat or AC during Tampa winters, it’s necessary to check your home for air leaks. For example, air leaks may be in doors, windows, and the surrounding sheetrock. This prevents cold air from escaping and hot air from entering, preventing you from straining your HVAC system throughout all seasons. Also, it helps you reduce your energy bill. 

To seal the leaks, you can caulk or use weather stripping material. Afterward, check the surfaces for any remaining gaps. 

  • Change Your Air Filters

During the summer, dirt and debris may build up in your air filters, accumulating airborne contaminants. If you turn the heat on during the winter, this results in more airborne particulates. To prevent this from becoming a health problem, change them regularly.

Call Action Air To Help You Winterize Your AC

Winterizing an air conditioner is necessary when living in Tampa, Florida. If you’re experiencing difficulty preparing for the cool weather, Action Air Conditioning will assist you with adapting your HVAC unit to every season. We will help you achieve the ultimate indoor comfort and provide reliable service for all AC repairs, maintenance, and installation. Contact us today to speak with a customer service agent or to schedule a FREE estimate