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When the winter arrives in Tampa, you may need help preparing your AC. Even with mild winters, storms are frequent in the off-season. So, your HVAC systems may be in jeopardy of damage. If you are uncertain of what you need to do, don’t worry. There are several key winter AC tips that you can follow to get your system ready. 

The HVAC experts at Action Air Conditioning will provide our best advice to help you prepare for the cool weather. Since we specialize in maintenance, repair, and installation, we can assist you with any weather-related concerns year-round. 

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How Do Winters in Tampa Affect Your AC?

Although the winters in Tampa are typically mild, your AC may still experience weather-related issues. Since your system is used to functioning in heat waves and humidity, your AC must be adequately checked and serviced when the weather changes. Otherwise, your AC may experience temperature-induced malfunctioning. Specifically, cooler temperatures can increase your compressor’s oil viscosity, which causes your system to run inefficiently. 

Tips For Your HVAC System During Winters In Tampa 

  • Change Thermostat Settings

As the weather becomes colder, you may notice that you don’t need to use your AC as often. This is a good time to check and modify your thermostat settings. Depending on your preferences, experts recommend setting your thermostat between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve indoor comfort during Florida winters. 

  • Insulate Your Pipes & Ducts

Insulating your pipes and ducts is a preventative measure for weather fluctuations. With dropping temperatures, your pipes may freeze. Although Tampa’s winters are moderate, insulating your pipes prevents this issue from occurring. In addition, insulating your ducts and pipes controls condensation and protects them from corrosion. 

  • Schedule Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

If you have gone without AC maintenance or inspection throughout the year, you should schedule them for the winter. The changing weather may cause your system to break down. These simple checks and repairs are necessary so your unit functions effectively and has a longer lifespan.

  • Clean Your AC

During the summer, your AC may become dirty and accumulate dirt, mold, and debris. By the time the off-season approaches, you should clean your air filter, evaporator coils, and any visibly dirty areas. Doing so prevents the contaminants from re-entering the system and blowing back into your indoor space.

  • Check Condensate Drains

Throughout the year, your evaporator coils may accumulate dirt. These contaminants can clog your condensate drain, lead to leaks in the drain pan, and result in mold growth. Occasionally, these leaks can affect the surrounding sheetrock, foundation, and even the exterior drainage systems. The key to preventing this from becoming catastrophic is to check them more frequently.

  • Inspect AC Vents

To prepare for the season change, you should check your vents for airflow obstructions. Blocked airflow is a side effect of a dirty AC and indicates that there may be contaminants throughout your system. If you want to clear the blockage, remove and clean the grills.

  • Look For Corrosion

Year-round, your HVAC system is vulnerable to corrosion. Namely, any metal parts on your AC, such as refrigerant lines, condensate drains, or evaporator coils, can oxidize. Since you don’t need to use your AC as frequently during Florida winters, this is the perfect time to repair or replace any parts. These issues can be avoided by keeping up with scheduled maintenance. 

Ask Action Air For Help With Winter Preparations In Tampa 

To receive additional winter AC tips, consult with Action Air Conditioning. Our professionals are highly experienced with preparing your AC for weather during all seasons in Tampa. 

With many successful installations and repairs, we complete all jobs reliably and responsibly. More so, we will help you avoid future breakdowns by providing you with our best recommendations during inspections and maintenance checks. 

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