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Question mark - why is thermostat in recovery mode

Most of the time, you set your AC or heat and forget about it. All you need to do is program it or use smart thermostat technology, and your home is kept at the right temperature at all times. 

But once in a while, curiosity gets the best of all of us. 

You poked around the thermostat and saw something strange. Is your thermostat in recovery?

A lot of thoughts are going through your mind. What does it mean for your thermostat to be in recovery mode, and how did it get there? Is it okay?

The experts at Action Air Conditioning are happy to answer all of your questions about thermostats. And we are here to tell you that your thermostat is probably doing exactly what it should be. 

Let’s start with what exactly a thermostat in recovery is doing. 

What is a Thermostat in Recovery Mode? 

When your thermostat is in recovery mode, it isn’t a bad thing. All that means is your HVAC system is working efficiently to reach the temperature you desire at the time you need it. This requires the system to turn on early to begin work before the scheduled hour.

It is, therefore, “recovering” any heat or cooling loss to bring up or down your indoor temperature to meet your settings in a timely manner.

Why Do You Need Your Thermostat in Recovery Mode?

Do you remember when you had to schedule your thermostat hours before you came home just for it to feel cool when you walked through the door? You never have to do that again when you own a thermostat that offers a recovery mode.

Thermostats are much more intelligent than they used to be. They don’t simply turn on when you schedule them anymore. They can calculate what temperature your home is and how long it will take for the system to bring it to your desired temperature. Then it starts working ahead of time to make that happen. 

When we schedule our HVAC to meet certain conditions at a specific time, it can’t provide us with a comfortable indoor climate immediately. It needs to run for an hour or more, depending on how much of a temperature change is required.

Once it kicks into recovery mode, it introduces hot or cold air into our living spaces and gradually heats or cools the area, ideally reaching the exact temperature you want when you want it.

Why is a Thermostat in Recovery Mode Beneficial?

Besides pure convenience and comfort, thermostats that provide a recovery mode are energy efficient and put less strain on your HVAC system. 

Saves Energy

If your HVAC system roars on full blast to warm or cool your home, it’s going to use a lot of electricity, which will cost you extra money. 

Instead, recovery mode makes the process slow and steady. This uses less electricity, so it’s not only energy efficient, it’s cost-efficient too!

HVAC Friendly

When your air conditioner or heating system constantly makes a dramatic rise or fall in temperature, it requires a huge amount of effort. The equipment will run at full blast nonstop until the goal is met. And that is rough on your HVAC’s parts and the system as a whole! It will wear on the system, leading to repairs and a lower overall system life expectancy.

Because recovery mode works to change the temperature gradually, your thermostat helps your HVAC exert itself less and minimizes stress by giving it the ability to work on lower settings and perform normal, healthy cycles.

Do You Need Thermostat Help In Tampa Bay?

By setting the thermostat to use recovery mode, your AC or heat may come on earlier than it normally would. “Recovery” will appear on the display screen during this period, and your system will turn on. 

Sometimes, however, recovery mode will enable during odd times or remain on constantly. This could be an indication of a simple glitch in your thermostat or a problem with your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace. 

We suggest that you shut off your system to prevent damage and contact us at Action Air Conditioning to speak with one of our friendly representatives. 

Our certified contractors are experts in the field of heating and cooling and will be able to troubleshoot your system with ease. 

Contact us today to schedule your appointment.