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Let’s face it, you live a busy life and you don’t have time to think about your HVAC system. As long as it does its job, you are happy. 

But every system needs a few things to stay at the top of their game, and they can’t do it by themselves. Someone needs to change the filter every 90 days, and an annual tune-up will help your heating and cooling system run smoothly and efficiently.

It’s unfortunate, but even the best homeowners can’t prevent the inevitable — one day you will need to say goodbye to your current HVAC system. The average one lives for 10 to 15 years, but like the elders we all aspire to be, a select few can survive much longer. 

Unless you have a crystal ball lying around or mastered the science of time travel, predicting when your units are ready to kick the bucket takes plain knowledge and understanding. And that’s something you can learn right here! 

Read on to discover 3 easy signs/indicators for when to replace your HVAC system.

1. When to replace your HVAC system? When your system is old

You don’t know what you ate for lunch last week, so how are you supposed to remember when the HVAC units were installed? Some parts may also be older than others; Your air handler could be a different age than your condenser or vice versa. 

If this is the case, some sleuthing is in order: Check the outside of each unit for a sticker and write down the manufacturer, as well as the model and serial numbers. 

Now use your favorite search engine to look up the manufacturer. Either they will have information about deciphering these numbers on their website, or you can contact them to inquire about it.

How old is too old?

If it’s over 15 years old, then pass on any repair costs and just replace the old unit(s). 

Once one part wears down, the others are sure to follow. You might think that your contractor is greedy by suggesting that you finance for new units, but if you are hiring a certified and licensed contractor you can trust, listen to them. After all, you are paying professionals to give you their expert opinion.

The reason is simple: You’ll save money on repairs. 

And that brings us to indicator #2.

2. Frequent repairs 

Sometimes a unit doesn’t have to be old to wear out. If you weren’t the original owner of the home, you have no idea how the past caretakers treated the system. Even if you were there for its entire life, improper installation and defective units can greatly reduce the lifespan of a heating or cooling appliance.

If it still works great, don’t fix what isn’t broken. But if it is breaking, it will continue to break in every way imaginable until you replace it. In the long run, you’ll be paying a lot more in constant repairs than the total cost for a new HVAC system.

So if you have to call to repair your AC or heating system more than once this year, you’re likely in for a long haul of repetitive problems. The best contractors in the world can’t stop it from falling apart piece by piece. 

You can keep repairing each part as they break, but is it worth it? 

Absolutely not. 

3. Your energy costs are rising

Energy is becoming more and more expensive as time passes, and we need to monitor our bills closely. Dust off your calculator or find the app on your smartphone and do the math. 

It’s not about the price of your utility bills that matter (because rates increase regularly), but rather, how much energy you have used. Check to see if your home consumed more electricity than you did last year in the same month. 

If you have a gas-fueled furnace, do the same for your gas bill.

If the numbers are on the incline, your HVAC system could be the culprit. But how can you know for sure? We explain how to test if your AC is running efficiently in this blog post.

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