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Question - What size AC unit do I need

An air conditioner that’s too large or small will not cool your home well. Not only that, but it will also use a lot more electricity and cost you more money in repairs than one that’s sized right. 

If you have AC size woes and wonder if you have the size AC unit you need, you’re in luck! Today, we explain 4 signs your air conditioner is sized wrong!

You don’t have to be a math whiz to figure out if your AC size is wrong. A few simple observations can help you to determine if your air conditioning is running efficiently. And if at any time you have questions or want more help, our professionals are always available to assist you. Are you wondering: “What size AC unit do I need?”  Call us today or stop by the largest air conditioning showroom in Tampa Bay, Florida for personal assistance you can trust!

Sign #1: My AC Doesn’t Run for Very Long

Do you notice that your air conditioner runs for short bursts? It never seems to stay on for long. You may think it’s fantastic how quickly it pumps cold air into your house, but this is a sign that your AC is too large. 

Roaring at high power and shutting off again quickly puts more strain on your cooling system than if it were to run at a lower strength for longer. You may also feel sticky and uncomfortable. This is because your extra-large AC lowers the temperature before it can get the chance to run enough to cycle through all of the air in your home.  

Sign #2: My AC Is Always Running

On the opposite side of the spectrum, if your air conditioning is always running, this is bad too. This can freeze up your evaporator coils! Your unit needs a healthy balance between how much energy it uses, and how effective it is at regulating the temperature and humidity in your home. 

When your AC is always running, it does a terrible job at saving energy and increases the cost of your electric bill. It also wears down the unit faster and causes more repairs.

Sign #3: Some Rooms Are Hot 

You just installed a new AC or moved into a new home and you’re uncomfortable! When the AC kicks on, some rooms instantly become chilled, but not all of them. Other areas of your house continue to feel hot and muggy. 

What’s going on?

When an AC is oversized, it won’t stay on for very long. Once the location of your thermostat reaches the temperature you set it to, the system shuts off. This usually causes many rooms to miss out on the air circulation they need to cool down.

Sign #4: My House is Always Humid

If your AC isn’t doing a good job at dehumidifying your home, it could be sized wrong. When an air conditioning unit is too big for the size of the space it’s cooling, it lowers the temperature so quickly that it can’t cycle through all your indoor air. If humid air isn’t pulled through the machine, it can’t function as a dehumidifier. If the unit is too small, it will struggle to do anything and make you miserable.

When your AC is sized correctly, it can pull every bit of air in your house through the intake vents and past the evaporator coils, drawing moisture out. Your house will feel cooler even at a higher temperature because the indoor relative humidity level will be perfectly positioned between 40% and 60%. 

This is why energy efficiency is highly sought after. It not only helps your energy cost but balances how well your AC functions in our humid Florida climate.

What Size AC Unit Do I Need?

A poorly sized air conditioner is expensive and can make your home uncomfortably hot and damp. If you’re suffering from any of the issues listed above, you may be wondering, “What size AC unit do I need?”

We can help you to determine the perfect size unit for your property. For consultation, troubleshooting, or a new AC unit, call your local air conditioning repair and installation professionals. Choose Action Air Conditioning for all of your heating and cooling systems needs if you live in Hillsborough or Pinellas county!