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When purchasing a new HVAC unit, understanding AC warranties is beneficial. They allow you to have additional protection for products. Each contract varies based on the type, what’s excluded, and the terms of service. As a buyer, they can help provide peace of mind should the AC unit malfunction. 

Since approximately three million heating and cooling systems are replaced yearly in the U.S., and $14 billion is spent on HVAC services or repairs, you ought to consider a warranty.

Therefore, learning more about them can help you make more informed decisions. That’s why our Action Air Conditioning HVAC experts have outlined all the information surrounding warranties to assist you with your next purchase. 

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What is an AC Warranty?

A general warranty is a promise or affirmation a contractor gives regarding the products’ usefulness, condition, and performance under a contract in exchange for a fee. The average AC warranty ranges from $25–27/month to $300–800/year. However, it provides a buyer with legal assurance that the seller’s item or service will perform as expected before the purchase transaction.

In comparison, HVAC warranties are agreements from the manufacturer or contractor to compensate for necessary repairs and replacements within a given period. 

For HVAC systems, there are two primary types:

Labor Warranty

Labor warranties ensure the quality of the work performed. They also manage service charges, labor costs, and miscellaneous fees to install the part over a certain time span.

Manufacturer Warranty

They are written guarantees from the manufacturer to the purchaser that promise to repair or replace the item within a certain timeframe. Specifically, the company handles the replacement cost of the equipment, but it does not cover the labor fees.

Overall, the manufacturer warranty insures the price of the parts, while the labor contract fills in the gaps. Remember, you must pay laborers for repairs if you have only purchased protection through the manufacturer.

Why do you need HVAC warranties?

AC manufacturers and labor warranties are worthwhile because they offer an extended period where you can be protected should something become defective. For instance, many manufacturer warranties pay for a broken part replacement for up to 10 years. That is great for providing you with a safety net. Since frequent maintenance is required for HVAC systems, warranties give you that added security. 

What Warranties Don’t Cover

Before purchasing an AC warranty, you should read it carefully. Some items may not be included for replacement, mainly those necessary for maintenance, such as filters, capacitors, and contractors, because they are not expected to last the lifetime of your system. 

For example, the manufacturer’s AC warranty often excludes:

  • Certain Parts
  • Maintenance items
  • Natural disasters, fires, property damage, and electrical surges
  • Changes in ownership

What Can Void My Warranty?

Several factors can void your manufacturer warranty. Therefore, it’s essential to read the fine print before making one of these mistakes. 

The reasons for voids include:

  • Using an unlicensed service provider 
  • Lack of preventative maintenance 
  • Using counterfeit refrigerant
  • System negligence or unapproved modifications leading to malfunction

Count On Action Air Conditioning For Warranty Guidance

Action Air Conditioning professionals can help you if you need assistance with warranties. Our experienced technicians are highly knowledgeable regarding all the inclusions and exclusions to provide the information you need to make the right decision. Along the way, we will prevent you from accidentally voiding your warranty by performing all maintenance work on your HVAC systems. 

Furthermore, we specialize in:

  • AC installation
  • Repair
  • Inspections
  • Mini-ductless splits

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