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When determining what air conditioners to install for your home, you ought to consider the top 5 AC system models. Selecting the best AC for Florida weather involves those with better cooling capabilities who are Energy Star certified.

As the leading HVAC experts in Tampa Bay, Florida, Action Air Conditioning takes pride in using the best AC system models for our clients. So, we will review our favorite models to guide you in making the most appropriate decision for your home. 

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What Is Energy Star?

Energy Star is administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Collaborating with the EPA, they aim to provide cost-saving energy-efficiency solutions that reduce environmental impact, improve air quality, and protect public health. 

As a result, they have saved 5 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity and avoided more than 500 billion in energy costs. They accomplish this by creating higher standards for HVAC efficiency, which Action Air Conditioning adheres to. 

Why Select Energy Star Certified?

Choosing Energy Star-certified HVAC systems ensures the highest quality for your home. Specifically, Energy Star certified means that products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA. Selecting these products for heating and cooling guarantees optimized performance through higher SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) standards, enhanced comfort in your home, and energy savings. 

Since HVAC utilizes approximately 409 billion kilowatt energy hours in U.S. residential and commercial buildings, you can rely on Action Air for selection and installation to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Top 5 AC Models For Florida 

The following are top AC models endorsed by our Action Air specialists:

  • Lennox

Lennox ACs are our first choice for clients. They have a 98% efficiency with SEER ratings between 17 and 28, a long life span, and keep your home cool during heat waves. In addition, they prioritize sustainability by reducing their environmental impact. They offer complete comfort home systems, combining their most advanced products to suit the customer’s needs. Furthermore, they provide education and in-depth knowledge regarding their units to match you with the right system. 

  • Goodman 

The Goodman brand is highly reliable and prominent in the HVAC market. They take pride in delivering quality systems with improved SEER ratings and focus on energy-efficient testing for their products.

Goodman uses durable materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. More importantly, they are LEED Gold certified, demonstrating that they focus on renewable energy and conserving costs and resources. One of their newest developments is Comfortbridge technology. The technology inside the HVAC equipment instead of the thermostat is factory-installed into air handlers to ensure the system operates at peak performance. 

  • Tempstar

Tempstar offers enhanced dependability and innovation in home comfort. With each product tested for reliability, their ACs deliver outstanding quality and energy efficiency. For example, their units are made to be quiet and have improved humidity and temperature control with the convenience of remote access.

Exceptional warranties also back every system. They have a no hassle replacement limited warranty on their premium products, if one fails during the coverage period. Along with this, there’s an extra 10-year parts coverage warranty.

  • Carrier

Developing the first modern air conditioner in 1902, Carrier has a history of innovation. Like Goodman, their LEED certification makes them committed to a future of sustainability, going beyond minimum regulatory standards. Their ACs have SEER ratings up to 24 with Greenspeed Intelligence, allowing for premium energy savings, quiet performance, and humidity control.

  • Bryant Heating & Cooling

Founded in the early 1900s by Charles Bryant, they have a history of technological advancements. Their ACs have SEER ratings up to 24 and a variation of single/variable speed and compact models. Their units have low sound ratings and enhanced comfort. 

Consult Action Air To Select The Best Models

For those homeowners looking for the top 5 AC system models, Action Air Conditioning is well-equipped to assist you. We have thorough consultations to evaluate your home, considering any budget constraints. In doing so, we help you find the best unit for your home. Along with our top systems, we focus on in-home comfort, providing a reliable and stress-free operation. 

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