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AC unit placement is critical for the function of your HVAC system. Although this is an issue that most homeowners may not consider, a proper position is more important than you might think. 

Placing your air conditioner in an ideal location allows your unit to function at its best, especially if you live in Florida, where persistent heat may damage your system. To help you improve your AC’s efficiency, experts in Tampa Bay, Florida, at Action Air Conditioning, have provided some tips below to prevent your unit from being harmed by sunlight. 

image of sun exposure on ac system harming ac efficiency

Impact Of Sunlight On Your AC

There are several negative consequences of sunlight on your AC. When placed in the sun, typically it is not a serious concern, unless you live in a climate that stays super hot, like Florida. 

Harsh UV rays and high temperatures cause your unit to work harder, potentially reducing its lifespan. Due to that strain, your system has to work twice as hard to maintain indoor cooling efficiency, affecting your home’s temperature. Sun exposure also raises the surface temperature of your condenser unit (the outdoor portion of AC), which makes the inside of the unit hotter.

In return, the condenser has difficulty releasing heat from the building or providing cool refrigerant to the air handler inside the building. As a result, you are likely to require more maintenance, replacement, or repairs to maintain optimal AC function. 

If your thermostat is in the path of direct sunlight, it may be vulnerable to malfunction. The thermostat (programmable or smart) measures the interior temperature and relays that information to the AC to regulate your home’s cooling and heating. When it is in the wrong location, it has trouble accurately detecting and communicating this data, making your AC run longer than necessary. This will impact your comfort and increase your utility bill. 

However, the good news is that there is a solution to these issues. The Department of Energy suggests that shading the unit can improve its efficiency by up to 10%.

Tips For Maximizing AC Placement

AC unit placement can be maximized by using the following tips:

  • Clean the area around the coil 
  • Remove any debris, such as sticks, leaves, and dirt
  • Trim any foliage back at least two feet, allowing for proper flow around the condenser
  • Install the condenser unit at least five feet above ground and in a shady location (i.e., under a tree or on a side of the house that doesn’t receive the most sunlight)
  • Avoid proximity to other outdoor appliances to maintain proper airflow and efficiency
  • Place your unit away from concrete slabs or pavers. They draw a lot of heat, which will increase your monthly cooling costs. If you place it on concrete, make sure there is grass to diffuse the heat. 
  • Keep the thermostat away from the sun, appliances, windows, or skylights so the exterior temperature does not influence thermostat readings

5 Benefits of Ideal AC Placement 

Here are the advantages of ideal AC unit placement:

  • Allows for AC ventilation
  • Improves indoor cooling and comfort
  • Removes excess heat accumulation in your HVAC system 
  • Prevents obstacles from reducing AC performance
  • Lowers utility bills

Rely On Action Air Conditioning For Your AC Needs 

Serving the Tampa Bay, Florida, area, our experienced professionals at Action Air Conditioning can assist you with placing your AC in the best location. We specialize in all your AC needs, such as:

  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Maximize indoor air quality 
  • Mini-split ductless AC

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