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You are wondering about the importance of AC maintenance? Imagine that you parked your vehicle on the curb for a few months. Would you expect it to run like it did before you left it? importance-of-AC-maintenance-technician-cleaning-air-conditioner

Not a chance. 

You would check its fluids, especially its oil level. You would pull out your air pressure gauge and test the tires. And the car wash would be your first stop because your vehicle would be filthy. 

So why do you assume that your air conditioner is ready to work perfectly without a tuneup?

There are a number of complex parts that will be grimy. The coolant might be low. And any possible damage accrued over its summer battle with the heat could need some tender love and care.

Besides the relentless work it performs to cool your home, your outdoor unit is regularly battered by:

  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Severe Weather
  • Dirt and Grass Clippings
  • Algae and Mold
  • Insects and Pests
  • Voltage Changes

One Reason for the Importance of AC Maintenance: You might avoid Repairs

By understanding the importance of maintenance and scheduling an annual service call, you will avoid many repairs. During maintenance, trained technicians will not only check and tune the unit but also clean the inside. This restores the appliance and keeps it running smoothly.

Nearly half of our repair calls are for units that were not maintained. They’re filthy inside. The dirt and debris give way to rust, and the system is a mess. If only they were maintained, they would have lasted longer before requiring a repair visit.

When Repairs Are Needed They Usually Cost Less

Sure, you could let the air conditioning maintenance go, and wait until your unit breaks down, but the repair costs will likely be more expensive. 

The reason is simple. 

Running an air conditioner with a part that is malfunctioning is like running a blender with a penny inside. At first, you won’t notice there is an issue, but every time you run the machine, it gradually damages other parts.

If someone spots the problem before the equipment starts up, the injury to the appliance remains minimal. The cost of the repair will be far less than if the entire unit fails.

Less Efficiency

Even if your system doesn’t fail, the performance of your cooling system will be reduced. When your AC needs to work harder to get the same job done, it’s no longer efficient. 

You may think you are saving money by avoiding us, but in reality, your energy bill will increase and the lifespan of the unit will decrease. In the end, you’ll need to replace your HVAC system sooner than someone who receives annual maintenance.

Cheap Maintenance is just as bad

If you are paying someone to walk into your home for 10 minutes and glance at your unit, you’re being ripped off. These technicians charge so little because they are fishing for big repairs. If you don’t have them, they move on to the next customer.

That’s why they can afford to provide you with service for such a small amount of money. The more people who call them to “check” their unit, the more “broken” units they can fix.

When cooling system contractors bait for repairs, they’re desperate for customers. This opens up the opportunity to take advantage of people who do not understand how an HVAC works and fabricate repairs.

If you don’t want to be the victim of a cheap contractor, read more about why you shouldn’t hire one.

A Real Maintenance Service is Comprehensive

When you hire Action Air Conditioning, we will work on your unit for an hour or more. Our to-do list for every maintenance job includes 17+ tasks. 

Among these tasks is checking the:

  • Heat exchange
  • Ignition assembly
  • Burner assembly
  • Air filters
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Temperature difference
  • Volts/Amps on motors
  • Starting capabilities

Restoring the cleanliness of your unit is crucial for its overall health. 

We wash the:

  • Evaporator coil
  • Condensate drain
  • Condenser coil

Then we apply a protective coating to the outside of your unit. 

In addition, we check and tune up your cooling system by:

  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Adjusting blower components
  • Testing safety controls
  • Checking operating pressures

Save Money on Maintenance Contracts

When the importance of AC maintenance becomes clear, the idea of a maintenance contract will be appealing. You get what you need at a reduced price. What’s there not to love? 

Maintenance contracts can help to save you money by offering reduced prices in exchange for a guaranteed scheduled visit annually or biannually with that company. 

It’s simple, when you sign a maintenance contract with Action Air Conditioning, you receive a 20% discount on repairs and with their gold plan, you get free copays! Learn more.