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Landscaping impacts your AC’s efficiency. Regardless of whether you have flowers or scrubs, the layout may alter the efficacy of your unit. If you are in the process of creating a new landscape, remember that your air conditioner’s function must be taken into consideration.

To guide you on what’s best for your system, Action Air Conditioning’s HVAC specialists in Tampa Bay, Florida, have provided information regarding how your AC is affected by vegetation, along with valuable tips for maximizing AC efficiency with landscaping.

How Landscaping Affects Your AC 

If you’re wondering why your unit is operating poorly, there may be a few reasons. First, your outdoor unit (compressor) may be experiencing issues due to your home’s landscape. 

Vegetation may cause several AC concerns, which include: 

Plants Block Airflow

If you have vines, weeds, or plants growing around your condenser, they may be blocking airflow. Since it releases the hot air from your system, obstructed airflow will increase your system’s strain, making your home hotter because warm air is blown back indoors.

Dirt & Debris Reduce Accumulation

When dirt or debris surrounds your unit, it significantly decreases AC efficiency. Specifically, dirt collects on the condenser fins, making it difficult for hot air to be released. As a consequence, your home will be uncomfortable. 

Trimming grass around your AC can cause sand, dirt, and rocks to blow into the condenser and clog it, often requiring repair. 

Trees Damage Your System

Due to Tampa’s frequent hurricanes, trees may break and fall on your system. Secondly, leaves can fall and accumulate around your AC, restricting airflow. Extensive damage will result in costly repairs. 

image of a backyard in Tampa Florida whos landscaping is effecting their ac unit.

Strategic Landscaping To Optimize AC Efficiency 

The Department of Energy suggests that a well-designed landscape can reduce heating and cooling costs, making your AC operate efficiently. However, there are several tips you can follow to minimize any complications and improve your AC’s function. 

The following are tips for strategic landscaping:

  • Strategic Shading

Carefully positioned trees can save up to 25% of energy the typical household uses. They can shade your unit, preventing the sun from making it too hot. Otherwise, it has a limited ability to remove heat. Furthermore, tree shading reduces AC use.

  • Trim Back Weeds & Plants

Trim plants back at least 2 to 3 feet to improve how your system expels air. When designing a new landscape, place your plants several feet away from the condenser. This prevents the weeds from being caught in the AC fins and coils, restricting airflow exchange. 

  • Remove Dirt & Debris

Removing any dirt and debris while gardening preserves your unit’s cooling capacity. Dirt that blocks hot air from escaping will decrease performance, leading to higher heating and cooling costs.

  • Cover Ground Around AC Unit 

Wind and rain could cause sand and dirt to enter your condenser, causing clogs. Before starting your landscaping project, cover the areas around your unit with gravel or rocks rather than mulch to keep debris away from your unit through bad weather. Mulch can stick to your coils and get into the grill, decreasing your system’s efficiency. 

  • Protect AC With Shrubs

As an alternative to trees, place shrubs around your unit to keep it out of the sun. It protects your system from clippings and twigs.

  • Choose The Right Plants

Be sure to select plants that do not lose their leaves in cooler Tampa temperatures to avoid frequent upkeep around your condenser. This keeps your unit safe so it works properly. 

  • Channel The Breeze

To block strong winds, put high hedges around the perimeter of your home or in locations where the breeze is the strongest. You can even strategically place large shrubs to create the same effect. This arrangement ensures no tree limbs or leaves blow onto your unit, keeping your unit safe year-round. 

  • Place Plants In Hanging Pots

Instead of planting several feet from your condenser, place plants in hanging pots throughout your yard instead of too close to your AC. This helps minimize garden and AC maintenance so your system performs optimally.

Your Landscaping on Your AC Efficiency: Learn More

You can preserve AC efficiency with Action Air Conditioning experts in Tampa Bay, Florida. We will customize your AC setup based on your landscape and recommend changes that need to be made to keep your AC working at its best. Our professionals are available 7 days a week to address any of your HVAC needs immediately.

More importantly, we provide stress-free and reliable operation for all services. 

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