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Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioners

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Mini-Split AC Sales and Installation

Mini Split Air Conditioners are a great investment if you need a simple solution with minimal installation requirements. And when you get your mini ductless air conditioner installed by Action Air Conditioning, we’ll be there to help you through the entire process, from choosing your ductless mini-split unit in our Tampa Bay showroom, to the installation itself!

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Save On Utilities

Do you live alone and feel like your HVAC system is wasting energy and money? It is! 

According to the EIA, Florida homes spend over 25% of their energy consumption on air conditioning. If you want to cut those costs, a mini split unit might be exactly what you need.

These small units cool and heat a single room, making them the perfect choice for man caves, garages, bedrooms, and other spaces that need extra temperature control.

Many customers like you add a single zone mini split system to a bedroom to reduce their energy bill overnight. Instead of cooling the entire house with an HVAC system, they only cool where they need it and save big on their utility bills.

While other people opt for a multi zone mini split system as their complete cooling and heating solution. After installing multiple ductless units in the most occupied rooms in their Florida home (or business), they can regulate the temperature in each space according to their lifestyle. 

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Styles to Suit Your Needs

​​​Mini split ductless systems are available in a variety of sizes and styles to match your room aesthetic and your budget. Choose from dozens of designs to match your interior design. And if you don’t want it in the way at all, you can ask us to install your ductless unit over a door or window to keep it out of sight.

Quick And Easy Installation​​​

​​One of the most attractive aspects of a ductless air conditioner is the ease of installation. Unlike big and bulky HVAC systems that require pipes and huge ducts, these tiny but mighty units require a small hole drilled through your wall, much like your home internet router. 

Instead of a massive metal box in your yard, plus additional metal boxes indoors that take up space, an entire mini split system is so small that it weighs less than 100lbs! 

Even indoors, these units take up a small space on a wall, not your floor. You choose where you want the unit, and we will install it in a matter of hours. 


Efficient Cooling and Heating in One Tiny Unit

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Small Space Air Conditioning

If you are thinking of buying a window air conditioner or small AC unit, reconsider, because a mini split system works to cool and heat your home. It’s efficient too because of the heat pump inside. This is why they are often called mini-split heat pumps.

The secret to this system is in the advanced heat pump technology that ductless mini-splits have.

The efficiency of a heat pump is typically between 2 to 3 times greater than that of a standard heating and cooling system.  According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, heat pumps can be anywhere from two to seven times as efficient as electric-resistance, depending on the outdoor temperature. 

A traditional heat pump in a mini split system is more efficient because they use inverter-driven, direct-current compressors that can adjust their speed to meet changing demands. This is in complete contrast to other heating and cooling systems that simply turn on for as long as they need to run and shut off when they meet the set temperature. 

By adjusting to your needs, it works only as much as it has to.


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