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When your AC unit isn’t working as well as it used to, or you’re starting to see signs of wear and tear, the question of whether to repair or replace it comes up. Both AC repair or replace options have their pros and cons, which can be difficult to weigh when you don’t know all the facts.

This quick guide will help you make the best decision for your home by discussing the pros and cons of AC repair vs. replacement.

Repairing Your AC Unit

Repairing an AC unit can be a great option if you’re just dealing with minor repairs or maintenance issues. It’s generally less expensive than replacing the unit, and it allows you to keep using your AC without having to invest in a new one.

Bear these reasons in mind when it comes to choosing what AC repair or replace path you want to take.

technician works on AC after decision about AC repair or replace


  • Cheaper than buying a new AC unit
  • AC can continue to be used without interruption
  • Quicker and easier than replacing the entire AC unit


  • Repairs may not last as long as a replacement AC unit
  • Parts may be expensive and hard to find
  • AC unit may still be inefficient

AC Repair or Replace: Replacing Your AC Unit

Sometimes, AC repairs aren’t enough. If your AC is more than a few years old and has seen better days, it may be time for an upgrade. A new AC unit can help improve energy efficiency in your home and reduce your AC bills.


  • A newer AC unit will be energy efficient and save you money over longer periods of time.
  • AC unit may last longer than a repaired one
  • AC can be upgraded with the latest features and technology


  • AC units are expensive to replace
  • May require professional installation
  • AC unit will require some time before it’s up and running

Now, it can still be a little confusing when deciding whether to AC repair or replace. However, bringing everything together, the decision can be an easy one.

Making the Decision to Repair or Replace

Bearing everything in mind we’ve discussed above, it’s time to make a decision.

Ideally, if you’re only carrying out minor work, then repairing your AC unit is going to be the best shot. After all, a new AC unit can be expensive, and it’s better to spend a little on a repair and get a few more years out of the unit than spending a lot of money on a new one, plus installation fees and so on.

However, do bear in mind that AC units can become dated quickly. If you’re spending more money on keeping it running, repairs, and ticking over, it’s probably best to switch it out.

The best thing you can do when deciding which AC repair or replace option to take is break down the cost of an AC unit and how much you’re spending on a yearly basis. 

Use this to determine whether you’re spending your money wisely or whether it’s time to draw a line on your old unit and get a new one in.

Tips For Making the Best Decision

When deciding whether to repair or replace your AC unit, consider these tips:

  • Get a professional assessment. A certified AC technician can inspect your AC and advise you on the best course of action.
  • Consider the cost and effort involved. AC repair may be cheaper in the short term, but AC replacement may save you money in the long run.
  • Think about how much work is required. If a repair requires more time and effort than a replacement, it may be worth investing in a new AC unit instead.

Overall, deciding whether to repair or replace your AC unit is a personal decision. Consider the pros and cons of both options, get an AC assessment from a professional, and determine what’s best for your home and budget.

Whether you’re repairing or replacing your unit, our expert team here at Action Air Conditioning has your back. We’ve got everything you need to service and maintain your current unit or install your new one in the best way for the most competitive pricing.

Schedule a call with our friendly yet professional team today, and we’ll talk you through your options to help you decide which choice is best for you. 

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