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There are multiple types of units to cool or heat your home but only two are preferred in Florida. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages based on:

  • Size
  • Cost
  • Performance

We tend to rely on two fantastic options due to our subtropical environment. About 81 percent of Florida homeowners utilize heat pump systems or electric resistance heating systems (IE: electric furnace) according to statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. 

When you want to install an HVAC system into your home in Florida, it’s important to decide whether you want a furnace HVAC system or a heat pump HVAC system. Although they both heat and cool, they are far from equal. 

A traditional split system HVAC uses forced air through ducts, a gas or electric furnace, an evaporator unit (indoors), and a condenser unit (outdoors). Although this design is common, it’s not as necessary in southern states with mild winters.

The heat pump provides both air conditioning and moderate heat and replaces the need for a furnace in Florida. Instead of using the furnace fan, the heat pump utilizes an electric air handler that distributes the cooling or heating into your living space.

If you’re new to these terms and want to learn more, you’re in the right place! We will dig deep to analyze each one and demystify the pros and cons of heat pumps vs electric furnaces for Florida residents.

pros and cons of heat pump vs electric furnace

The Size of Your Unit vs Your Living Space

Since an HVAC system needs so much room, it can be challenging to find one to accommodate your limited space. Most heat pump and forced-air HVAC systems are not suited for smaller houses with limited space. Depending on your circumstances, a complete ventilation system installation may not be possible. 

That’s what makes heat pump systems so special. The heat pump can work with existing ductwork, just like an electric furnace with an air conditioner, but it can also be installed without a ventilation system!

In fact, there is a heat pump heating and cooling system that can easily fit in any sized room. The ductless mini split system is a small heat pump system that does not need ductwork.

Initial Costs

All HVAC unit prices depend on the size of your home. A professional cooling and heating specialist like the experts at Action Air Conditioning will assess your property and calculate the exact size that’s right for you.

Compared to a heat pump system with an air handler, an HVAC system with an electric furnace is significantly less expensive to install. You can expect to pay between $5,000 to $12,000 for the installation including the ductwork. 

A heat pump HVAC system with ductwork can cost between $10,000 and $19,000. The exception to this rule is the mini split heat pump system that costs approximately $5,000 and on average $2,000 more per additional room. 

Efficiency and Energy Costs

Even though it is true that an electric furnace is completely efficient, that doesn’t mean that it’s more economical than other options. The reason an electric furnace is energy efficient is because it uses every bit of electricity it uses to produce heat. (This is known as electric resistance heating.)

But a heat pump doesn’t produce heat at all, and that’s what gives it a huge advantage. A heat pump “pumps” heat that it collects from the air, water, or soil into your home. Since heat pumps don’t need to generate their own heat, they use less energy than electric furnaces during cold weather months, saving you up to 50% on your bill.

That means heat pump HVAC systems cost less to run than electric furnace HVAC systems. In warmer weather, they consume less energy to dehumidify the air too! 

Out of all the heat pump systems, ductless mini split systems are the most economical and efficient when they are installed properly. This is because these systems only cool or heat a single area in your home instead of an entire house, providing you with comfort when and where you need it. 

Typically, we install a ductless mini split system in more than one room within a single-family home. This not only supplies air conditioning or heat to more space, but it also allows residents to personalize the temperature of each room individually. This is the perfect solution for people who disagree with the comfort level of whole house thermostat settings.

Action Air Conditioning HVAC Installation Services

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