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You come home hoping to relax after a long day only to be faced with headaches, nausea, or congestion. Your eyes, nose, and skin may itch too!

Soon enough, you have the sinking suspicion that your home is negatively impacting your health, and you could be right. But where is it coming from? 

“Is my AC making me sick?” If you think it might be your air conditioning, this article is for you!

air conditioner - is my ac making me sick

Why Would My AC Make Me Sick?

If you do not receive annual or biannual AC maintenance and you can’t remember the last time you changed your furnace filter, your AC can definitely start making you sick.

In Florida, we don’t have much cold weather, so our HVAC system is running its cooling system most of the year. Because it works so frequently, wear and tear build up fast. Dirt and damage can impact safety and result in common AC problems that contribute to health problems.

It’s easy to conclude, “My AC is making me sick.” But to find a solution, you need to know what problems could cause your symptoms. The best way to do that is to call on your trusted local cooling expert, Action Action Air Conditioning.

Common AC problems include:

  • Moisture issues
  • Inaccurately sized unit
  • Mold growth
  • Humidity control
  • Thermostat settings

Many people don’t understand how their AC works or how it affects their air quality. What seems to be trivial details is really the difference between a clean system and a filthy one.

How is My Unserviced AC Making Me Sick?

If you feel ill when you are home and think your AC is responsible, you should talk about your symptoms with a representative at Action Air Conditioning and schedule a visit. We can check temperature, humidity, and air quality throughout your home as well as troubleshoot your unit.

(IAQ) Indoor Air Quality services are separate from our regular Maintenance Checks or Repair Services. Get in touch with us to discuss what plan of action is best for your unique situation.

Action Air Conditioning are NOT medical professionals. Always seek medical attention and treatment if you experience troubling symptoms. 

Thermostat Settings

Sometimes, the problem is as simple as your thermostat settings. 

Moisture in the air weighs down particulate matter, reducing how much we breathe in. If the temperature in your home is too cold, the humidity will be too low. Humidity levels below 40% allow viruses, dust, pollen, and pet dander to remain airborne for longer periods of time, making the air dirtier and unhealthy.

We recommend that you use a programmable thermostat and raise the temperature in your house when you are away or asleep. If you find yourself reaching for a long sleeve shirt or blanket to keep away the chill, turn up your thermostat instead and lock it to a more comfortable temperature.

Humidity Issues

Sometimes there are factors out of our control that are affecting the humidity in your home. A poorly insulated house that has drafty windows and doors or an old roof could be allowing more humidity into your home than your unit can handle. 

If your humidity is over 60%, it can contribute to bacteria and mold growth. It can also stress-sensitive hearts, respiratory systems, and people with certain health conditions.

An HVAC contractor can help by installing a dehumidifier to assist in removing more moisture from your air and around your unit so that you can breathe easier. We can also install a UV light to constantly sanitize your air naturally without the use of chemicals.  

Improper Unit Size

If you or a friend installed your AC or you chose a cheap contractor to do the work, your AC unit or ductwork could be sized improperly. Bigger and stronger isn’t better, instead, it contributes to excess humidity, moisture problems, and mold growth.

When water accumulates in your unit or ducts, it creates the perfect conditions for bacteria, viruses, and mold to develop and spread. Then, when the air kicks on, those gross germs and microorganisms take flight and circulate through your home and then you breathe it in!

Unfortunately, if this is the case, the only solution is to have a smaller unit installed, one that is properly sized for your home based on the square footage of your living space. 

AC Maintenance Services and Indoor Air Quality Services in Tampa, Florida

If you are asking yourself, “Is my AC making me sick,” the answer is likely, “YES!” But you don’t have to suffer! 

The technicians at Action Air Conditioning are air experts that are trained to assess your home’s air quality and HVAC system. Your health and comfort are important to us and we would love to help. 

Fill out our form for a free estimate, and we will be in touch within 24 hours.