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Question - is ductless air conditioning worth it

Just when you thought buying a new air conditioner was going to be easy, you learned that there was a new popular option in town, the ductless AC. It isn’t the biggest and shiniest unit on the block, but it has some interesting perks like energy efficiency and space-saving. 

Could this be the solution to all your AC needs? Maybe…

The short answer is, “If the situation calls for it.” But what situations make installing ductless air conditioning worth it? There are multiple factors to consider, so let’s dive right in and explore them.

No Ducts? No Problem!

Existing structures that don’t have a ventilation system installed can benefit from ductless air conditioning because it only requires a small hole to be drilled through the wall. 

Some buildings have thick brick or concrete walls. Doing any construction work to install ducts would be expensive and unnecessary. Instead, when you install a ductless mini-split system, they install an outdoor unit and run a thick cord through the wall. That cord contains all the piping and electrical wiring necessary and attaches directly to the indoor unit on the other side.  

Look Mom, No Thermostat! 

Much like modern window air conditioning units, most ductless mini split air conditioners have the option to detect the temperature in your home through the remote control. There is no need for an ugly thermostat to be wired to your hallway anymore!

The good news is that you receive a more accurate temperature reading. Simply place the remote in the middle of the room at least 2 feet above the ground.

If you tend to lose remote controls, we completely understand, we do too! Some ductless ACs have the option of installing a thermostat that will stay on the wall and not hide under the couch. When you get in touch with an Action Air Conditioning representative, tell us your needs and we will find the right AC system for you!  

Did Someone Say Energy-Efficient?

Yes! We did! When asked, “Is ductless air conditioning worth it?” If you compare it through efficiency alone, the answer is, “YES!” Ductless systems tend to have a higher SEER rating, but that’s only the icing on the cake.

When you go duct-free, 100% of your energy works to actually cool you. Ductwork loses at least 25% of the cooling or heat that runs through it. That means only 75% of the energy you pay for will cool you when you have a standard AC that runs through ducts.

But that’s not all. An entire HVAC system will require up to twice the amount of electrical input than ductless mini-split systems. That’s because a traditional AC will have an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, requiring approximately 30 amps each depending on the size of your system. 

A ductless AC uses as little as 20 amps from just one electrical circuit in your electric panel! Unlike traditional HVACs, the indoor unit (the “head” that blows cold air) is usually powered through the outdoor unit. 

And since they work in select rooms within your full control, you don’t waste energy cooling unnecessary areas. How cool is that?

Choose Wisely

Although it may seem like the advantages of the ductless air conditioner far outweigh a traditional air conditioner, the truth is, your needs will determine how beneficial this system is for your unique situation.

Do you have ducts?

If you have ducts already installed in your home or business, you should go for a standard air conditioner. The life expectancy and maintenance costs of a traditional AC unit is less than its duct-free cousin. 

But if you don’t have ducts, installing a ductless air conditioner is much easier than an entire HVAC system. In fact, your AC will be running smoothly in just a few hours. 

Do you need to cool one area?

You may live alone and want your bedroom cool. Maybe you need to cool the garage or an addition to the house. It won’t make sense to install ductwork in these instances. It might not even be possible. 

But a single zone ductless AC can be the perfect solution to these perplexing problems, providing cooling comfort in hot weather and even some heat when the temperature outside dips down.

Do you need more temperature control?

Does a room in your house feel hotter than others? Maybe it gets the most sunlight or its near appliances that generate heat. Or maybe you live with someone who always complains that they are too hot or cold when you’re comfortable. 

Unlike traditional air conditioning units that can only be set to one temperature throughout the entire house, you can have up to 11 indoor units attached to the same ductless mini split outdoor unit. 

Each indoor unit is installed in a different room. This is known as a multi-zone mini-split system and it allows you to control the temperature in every area separately! 

Go Ductless with Action Air Conditioning in Tampa Bay

If you think that ductless air conditioning is worth it and you want to try it out in your home in Tampa, Florida, give us a call or visit our showroom. We can help you to confirm if ductless is a good choice for you.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team is ready to answer any of your questions and guide you through the process of planning and installing your new ductless AC! We have an assortment of styles and options to choose from. Pick the unit that calls to you and tell us where you want it installed.

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