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AC insulation is necessary for saving money and ensuring your systems longevity. With rising global temperatures, the need to have a good air conditioner has become a priority for most homeowners.

If you live in Florida, properly maintaining your AC is necessary for your comfort. However, there are more key reasons why you should consider insulating your AC.

Ventilation ductwork that needs AC insulation

The Purpose of AC Insulation

Without adequate AC insulation, your unit will work harder than necessary to maintain desired temperatures. Proper insulation guarantees consistent and efficient performance of your unit by preventing cool air from escaping and warm air from penetrating gaps in your AC lines.

By using the right type of material, you actively prevent heat gain to the refrigerant, which saves energy. Heat gain, which is heat added to the air that must be removed, is actively prevented.

What is AC Insulation?

Insulation is a protective sponge-like layer that wraps around your AC’s pipes. When it’s applied, it acts as a barrier to condensation and protects your unit from the elements. But without insulation, you run the risk of replacing your AC and its connecting lines!

But that’s no all because without insulation, your system is vulnerable to stress and malfunction. As a consequence, your home is hot, humid, and uncomfortable.

We measure AC insulation as an R-value. R- value is the resistance to conductive heat flow measured in terms of thermal resistance. And this value depends on the following three factors:

  • Material
  • Thickness
  • Density

Additionally, the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. However, an insulation’s effectiveness also depends on its location and temperature resistance.

So if your material compresses or becomes wet and cannot dry out, that lowers the R-value! Since some materials are more resistant than others, it’s best to purchase the right material based on your location, climate, and R-value.

Importance of Insulation On Your AC

● Temperature Stability

Properly installed insulation will help you achieve maximum thermal resistance, preventing temperatures from greatly fluctuating throughout the day.

● Reduces noise

Sound insulation reduces noise by applying it around the outside of your ductwork. By wrapping your ducts, we can reduce external vibrations. Although it cannot prevent internal vibrations from traveling through the ducts, it will provide you with more peace and quiet.

● Reduces carbon emissions & energy costs

Did you know that air conditioners use approximately 6% of all electricity in the U.S., resulting in an annual cost of $29 billion? As a consequence, roughly 117 million metric tons of carbon dioxide releases into the air each year.

Without insulation, your AC operates at a higher capacity, releasing more carbon into the atmosphere. A well maintained and insulated unit will greatly reduce your carbon emissions and subsequent energy costs.

● Improves AC efficiency

Insulation will ensure efficiency by reducing the heat load onto your unit.

● Reduces AC Repair Costs

When your system is properly installed with insulation, you are less likely to need extensive repairs.

● Protects Against Pipe Corrosion & Condensation

Insulation is necessary to prevent:

    • Condensation buildup
    • Humidity
    • UV ray damage
    • Pipe corrosion from weatherization

Since moisture penetrates the insulation material on your cold water piping, thermal efficiency is lost. But with that protective layer, your pipes will last longer rather than having to be regularly replaced.

● Increases R Values

Equates to greater insulating capacity, and reduced costs due to less reduced reliance on your AC unit.

The AC Insulation Experts in Tampa Bay

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