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Your HVAC has many parts that work together to maintain the temperature and humidity in your home or business. This function may seem simple, but when one component malfunctions, everything suffers, including your wallet.

You may not notice that something is wrong right away, but the stress a dirty or damaged unit puts on your cooling system will eventually reveal itself. When parts aren’t working properly, it can cause a chain reaction, straining and breaking other parts. If you have your AC serviced regularly, a skilled technician can spot damaged or defective parts and repair or replace them before they cause injury to the rest of the system. 

But how often should you service your AC? 

That depends on how much you care about your investment.

Service your AC annually (preferably bi-annually)

If you’re waiting for a big warning sign that says “your AC needs repair” you will be sorely disappointed. Your cooling system needs to be clean and well tuned to perform smoothly. The best way to do this is a biannual maintenance plan. 

If you schedule an AC checkup in the spring before the hot weather strikes, your AC will be ready to blast cold air through your living space without hiccups. Some people get by with this annual checkup, at least for the first few years of their HVAC’s life. 

But heavily used ACs, old home systems, or industrial commercial systems should receive a second checkup once more after the hot season; That’s 2 checkups per year. 

If you schedule Action Air Conditioning to service your AC every 6 months, you’ll maintain an efficient HVAC all year round. 

Why Do I Need an Efficient AC?

An efficient AC doesn’t just save you money on your energy bill, it also ensures that the health of your air conditioning system is at an optimal level. A healthy system is one that runs the way it should. 

You check your vehicle fluids and rotate its tires. 

You get checkups at the doctor’s office, eat well, and exercise. 

And you call your local trusted AC expert to service your unit at least once a year. 

We do these things to secure a certain level of performance from our vehicle, body, or air conditioner because when anything works efficiently, it functions better and lives longer. That’s not only good news, it’s economically intelligent.

Loans, bills, and expensive repairs are unwelcome by everyone, and maintenance is the best way to keep them far away.

Sneaky Repairs

Even if your home or office feels comfortable, your AC may still struggle and use more energy than it needs to. As it continues to push itself beyond its intended abilities, it pushes its parts to the breaking point. 

An inefficient AC works constantly to do what an efficient one can do in only a few hours. This reduces the life of your entire system.

But when you maintain your HVAC biannually, you stop the chain reaction in its tracks by preventing it before it starts. When our technicians find a problem, we address it immediately. 

This stops your AC system from accruing more damages and saves you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in service and equipment replacement fees.

Hire Action Air Conditioning to Service Your AC

Maintaining a healthy air conditioning system is crucial. When your AC is healthy, it rewards you with a long life of cooling comfort. Get the most out of your HVAC with the help of your friendly local experts.

Choose Action Air Conditioning if you need cooling system services for your residential or commercial property in the Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties, including the Tampa Bay area, St. Petersburg, and New Port Richey. We are a company that has provided this community with exceptional AC maintenance services for three decades. We continue to set a higher standard and serve you with honesty, integrity, and reliability.

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