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If you’re a Tampa homeowner searching for better cooling options, consider installing HVAC zoning systems. AC costs can be high in Florida, primarily if you use your unit year-round. However, with zoning, you will experience an improved cooling effect and save money on your monthly energy bills. 

Action Air Conditioning experts have created an informational guide regarding HVAC zoning systems and how they can improve energy efficiency in Tampa to help you make an informed decision. 

image of ac system in need of HVAC system zoning from a heating and cooling expert

What Are HVAC Zoning Systems?

HVAC zoning systems increase your home’s comfort and energy efficiency by controlling where heating and cooling occur. Programmable thermostats are used to control these separate zones. As a result, this allows for customized temperature zones, which is great for Tampa homeowners who want to adjust their cooling settings throughout the year. 

Zoning can be modified to work with either ducted or ductless systems. With ducted units, dampers are installed in the ductwork to direct airflow to certain areas of the home. These dampers are regulated by separate thermostats assigned to each zone, which an HVAC professional sets. Instead of cooling the entire home simultaneously, only targeted areas are cooled at specific times. 

In comparison, ductless systems (ductless mini-splits) have separate air handlers and thermostats for each zone. Essentially, your preexisting HVAC system will determine whether you have ducted or ductless zoning.

How Do Zoning Systems Work?

With traditional ducted AC systems, zoning is created using automatic duct dampers. These dampers open and close based on the thermostat settings for each zone. Since the thermostat regulates conditioning for each area, it sends a signal to a central control panel, which activates cooling or fan, depending on the demands set. 

Then, conditioned air is directed to those areas through those open dampers. To restrict the airflow, the closed dampers shut off air, preventing it from flowing into already satisfied zones.

However, some cases require excess conditioned air to be bypassed into the return or other non-critical common areas, such as hallways, based on duct design.

Zoning Myths

Since little is known about zoning, several misconceptions surround it. 

The myths associated with zoning include:

It Is Only For New Homes

Despite the widespread belief that zoning is only for new homes, it can be installed to work with almost any type of HVAC system, new or existing. This makes it beneficial for Tampa homeowners who are looking for different cooling options. 

Zoning Is Difficult To Install

For experienced HVAC professionals, zoning only requires basic industry knowledge of airflow, duct design, and low-voltage control wiring. Local experts can install zoning systems whether you have ducted or ductless systems. 

Overall, installation differs depending on the size of the home and the number of zones. Smaller homes with fewer rooms will require less work than larger ones.

Zoning Is Too Expensive

Zoning systems generally have higher installation costs than central AC. However, modifying or repairing the ductwork or manually adjusting the dampers may reduce the work required. With ductless systems, the price may be cheaper depending on the size of your home and how many zones you have.

Despite the installation price, zoning saves money in heating and cooling costs. Therefore, this investment is ideal for Tampa homeowners in the long run.  

Benefits of HVAC Zoning For Tampa Homeowners

Zoning is beneficial for Tampa homeowners for the following reasons:

  • Improve comfort by adjusting the temperature in each room of the house
  • Modify the temperature in one room without having to go to another section of the home
  • Use any thermostat type
  • Add automatic setback thermostats (alter temperature when you’re away from the house)
  • Lower the temperature for rooms that are not being occupied
  • Avoid using multiple HVAC units (ducted systems)
  • Require less maintenance because HVAC usage will be reduced
  • Reduces power usage and energy bills
  • Any home can be modified for zoning, making it applicable to all Tampa homeowners

How HVAC Zoning Systems Improve AC Efficiency In Tampa

HVAC zoning systems can improve energy efficiency for Tampa homeowners. By only heating and cooling specific areas of your home, you use less power, saving you money on your utility bills. 

Traditional AC systems must be constantly running to keep your home cool. In Florida, where heat waves occur frequently, you may have high energy bills. Zoning solves this problem, allowing you to customize the temperature with reduced power usage and experience enhanced indoor comfort.

More so, conventional ACs take longer to reach the desired temperature, particularly when they’re cooling a larger surface area. By focusing on smaller zones, your system can work more effectively to cool, using less energy overall. 

As a Tampa resident battling constant heat and humidity, HVAC zoning offers you higher cooling efficiency and reduced monthly utility bills. 

Rely On Action Air For HVAC Zoning Systems In Tampa

For Tampa homeowners interested in HVAC zoning systems, contact our experts at Action Air Conditioning in Tampa Bay, Florida. Our experienced professionals are highly knowledgeable about HVAC zoning systems, and we will give you our best recommendations for zoning in your home. In addition, we will help you achieve the ultimate in-home comfort and a reliable, worry-free installation. 

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