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It’s easy to be swept up in the excitement of sales and promotions. However, you shouldn’t skimp on an HVAC-certified contractor. 

It might be tempting to go with the cheapest quote you receive when hiring an AC technician. However, the service quality might be terrible if you choose a low-cost AC provider to do service and repair. 

Truth be told, low-priced contractors can be hiding some really shady business practices. At best, you’ll get what you pay for, and the skill and knowledge of your contractor will be subpar.

Heating and cooling systems have complex equipment that needs to be carefully chosen and precisely maintenanced to provide your home or business with a comfortable temperature year-round.

Let’s go over a few important reasons why you should always hire a certified contractor.

certified contractor working on AC

1. Correct Installation

The first step in an efficient HVAC system is a correct installation by certified specialists. Your AC needs to be sized correctly to cool your living space properly. Ductwork also needs to be precisely calculated for every room in your home to be completely ventilated. 

If the right unit isn’t chosen and installation isn’t done correctly, you could waste your money on a system that uses too much electricity and raises your utility bills. 

When you hire a certified contractor, you can rest assured that they will be familiar with all the latest models and innovations in the industry. Because of this, they will be able to locate the best possible products for your needs and provide you with first-rate service.

Trained HVAC professionals will also be up-to-date on all relevant local rules, codes, and standards.

2. Save on Repairs

When you need a repair done, one of the most crucial steps is effectively diagnosing what’s wrong. If your HVAC technician doesn’t have the training and experience to know what’s wrong, their solution will also be incorrect. Then you find yourself calling them back.

What was at first a cheap repair becomes more and more repairs that add up to big money. 

By choosing a certified contractor, you know that they have a quality education. This will enable them to identify the problem with a deep understanding of the tools and methods to fix it the first time.

3. Secure Your Warranty 

In order to keep the warranty on your air conditioner valid, many manufacturers require that you have routine maintenance carried out by a certified HVAC professional. 

If you stay up-to-date with your air conditioner’s maintenance, you can feel secure that your warranty will continue to protect your investment. This greatly reduces the likelihood that you will have to pay for expensive repairs out of pocket if something goes wrong with the equipment while the warranty is still active.

Even when repairs are done, a manufacturer requires that their parts are used in any replacement, or else the warranty is void. 

4. Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance increases the system’s lifespan but positively impacts your level of comfort. Your system will work better and use less energy.

During a tune-up, your air conditioner will go through a full inspection, cleaning, and be tested by your certified Action Air Conditioning contractor. This will help you to avoid unnecessary repairs and keep it running smoothly all season long.

Action Air Conditioning Certified Contractors in Tampa, Florida

Contact Action Air Conditioning if you need a cooling system in your home or place of business installed, repaired, or serviced. We provide dependable service that will extend the life of your system and help it function more effectively year after year.

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Let one of our HVAC-certified contractors take care of your heating and cooling system! You can feel secure knowing that you will have access to pleasant cooling all summer long, as well as effective heating in the winter months.