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If you’re cranking up the air conditioning, it’s likely you have yet to find your optimal sleeping temperature. Don’t worry—you are not alone! As Florida residents, we are subject to variations in weather and humidity. 

If you want to improve your sleeping experience, here are several tips to help you determine your ideal sleeping temperature. 

Woman sleeping at optimal sleeping temperature with ac

Does Temperature Affect Your Sleep?

Believe it or not, having your room too hot or cold will affect your sleeping habits. When we sleep, our body’s core temperature decreases. Although it may differ slightly between individuals, it’s important to consider. 

If it’s too cold, your body will have difficulty maintaining homeostasis, which strains your cardiovascular system. However, when it’s too hot, you struggle to get comfortable. 

How To Find Your Optimal Sleeping Temperature

There are many factors contributing to you finding your optimal sleeping temperature. Here are eight ways to help you maximize your chances of finding the best temperature.

Set Your Thermostat 

Sleeping experts suggest the optimal sleeping temperature is 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on whether you run hot or cold at night, it’s best to set your thermostat somewhere in between and modify it as necessary. 

Sleep With A Dehumidifier

If you’re struggling to get cozy at night because the Florida humidity makes your bedroom unbearable, try getting a dehumidifier to filter out the excess moisture in the air. In return, there is less stress on your AC unit and body. 

You can install one directly into your AC or use a portable one that fits in your room. Regardless, it’s going to make finding your ideal temperature more effortless.

Check Your Air Filter

Finding what nighttime temperature suits you best will be nearly impossible if your AC’s air filter is clogged. When dirty, the AC does not function properly, allowing heat and humidity to peak. 

Limit Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine naturally increases your body’s internal temperature, accelerating your breathing and heart rate. Since caffeine can last up to 12 hours in your system, it’s better to limit your intake to at least a few hours before bedtime. 

Otherwise, you will likely feel intermittent hot flashes, which may intensify depending on your hormone levels. As a result, you are likely to change the thermostat several times per night to experience relief. 

Change Your Bedding Seasonally

While a thick comforter may be appropriate for the cold weather, switching to lighter bedding during the summer is best to reduce your nighttime discomfort. Being overheated from heavy blankets will make finding your optimal sleeping temperature more difficult. 

Besides, you can always keep extra blankets by your bedside should you get cold.  

Invest In A Smart Thermostat

Connected to your WiFi, smart thermostats help you find your ideal temperature since you can make adjustments from your laptop or cellphone. Rather than getting up several times a night to change the settings, you can do it with the press of a button. Ultimately, you will have fewer sleep disruptions with this device.

Check Your Evaporator Coil

Sometimes, our beds can feel much warmer than they should be. And that may be caused by a malfunctioning evaporator coil. Managing humidity, this part of your AC becomes ineffective when dust and dirt accumulate. 

A faulty coil prevents you from finding a comfortable sleeping temperature, no matter how often you adjust your thermostat. So, getting your AC checked regularly is an excellent idea to avoid this issue. 

Regular Maintenance and Inspection for Your AC

The most crucial step toward finding your optimal sleeping temperature is to schedule regular maintenance, inspections, and cleanings for your AC unit. Once your AC is evaluated and functions properly, you can eliminate other causes of discomfort at night, such as caffeine or heavy bedding.

Get Better Sleep With Action Air Conditioning!

Are you enduring night sweats and hot flashes? This may be a sign that your AC needs to be serviced. 

Our experts at Action Air Conditioning provide the ultimate in-home comfort and a reliable, worry-free operation! We can help you meet your optimal sleep temperature by keeping your AC well maintained and repaired. Servicing the Greater Tampa Bay Area, our knowledgeable and licensed professionals prioritize the client’s needs. 

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