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As a Tampa Bay homebuyer, you should know that AC systems impact home value. Specifically, a Florida home with a unit that’s had few repairs will be detrimental to the home’s sale. Similarly, those that have top-of-the-line systems will be beneficial.

If you’re in the process of looking for a home to buy, there are several ways to determine how the AC unit will affect the home’s overall purchase price.

Using Action Air Conditioning’s knowledge and expertise, you can learn more about what to look for with AC systems with regard to a home’s market value.

How AC Systems Impact Home Value in Tampa

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), energy-efficient upgrades increase a home’s value. An energy-efficient home often commands a higher sale price on the market due to an anticipation of reduced utility costs for prospective buyers. In addition, energy-efficient features can often mitigate structural damage, preserving a home’s value.

They further mention that utility costs are a key factor in determining a home’s affordability, which is why looking at the AC system is critical. High utility bills equate with an inefficient AC, which will reduce the home’s value. Since other home improvements can further improve AC function and drive up the home’s sale price, examining the AC along with these aspects will help you decide what home is best for you.

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5 Key Factors To Consider When Making Your Next Home Purchase

When you’re looking to purchase a home with an AC system in Tampa, here are several factors that impact home value:


Unbearably hot and humid Tampa summers create a greater demand on your AC system. As a result, having poorly operating air conditioning drives up monthly costs and may significantly lessen the home’s value. So, as a Tampa homebuyer, you should be aware that this will influence your decision to either purchase or pass.

System’s Life Expectancy

The home’s AC should be replaced if it is over 10 years old. Despite the replacement cost, it will reduce annual electric expenses by approximately $140, which will increase the home’s value. 

Otherwise, an old AC will drive down the sale price since you would need to pay for a new one as the potential new homeowner. However, this will help you receive a discount on the purchase price.


If the AC system has a poor cooling capacity and increasingly draws more energy to maintain the same temperature, this will reduce the home’s market value. While this may be beneficial if you aim for a lower purchase cost, old units are less effective at cooling and draw more power. Inheriting those costs may turn you away. Instead, having a unit with a higher SEER2 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) value will make the system less of a liability.  

History Of Maintenance & Repairs

As a potential home buyer, look for a well-documented history of professional AC maintenance and repairs because it demonstrates the system’s future reliability. Records of routine servicing show that potential issues were prevented before they became major. The upkeep ensures that the HVAC system will operate smoothly, reinforcing a sense of trust as you consider purchasing.

System Upgrades

Upgrades and a long system maintenance history can increase the home’s value. For instance, look for a thermostat change. If the previous homeowner removed the old model for a smart thermostat, that would make the system operate more effectively. These modifications will benefit you since you can resell the home for a higher price if you keep up with routine maintenance or make your own upgrades. 

Have The AC Assessed For Efficiency & Function

Heating and cooling systems use more energy than any other system. Typically, 43% of a utility bill is dedicated to AC and heating. As a Tampa Bay homebuyer, this percentage may be greater due to year-round demand for air conditioning. 

Therefore, having the AC assessed for efficiency lets you know whether it will be helpful or detrimental to the home’s resale value if you’re looking to flip it. Along with evaluating its efficiency, having your local HVAC professional look at how the unit functions is beneficial. This will determine if any future repairs need to be made. 

Along with having your AC unit looked at, it would be helpful to have your local expert investigate your home for other elements that affect the AC’s ability to function. For example, poor insulation or ventilation can significantly impact your system’s ability to cool your home. 

Both efficiency and function will be additional factors to consider before signing on the dotted line. Furthermore, these answers will help you know whether it’s worth buying the home or if you’re willing to compromise. 

Should you decide to buy, you can remedy the problem of poor efficiency by having the system upgraded or making modifications to the home (i.e., sealing air leaks or adding insulation). These simple changes will boost the home’s value for resale.  

However, if the system did have a good history of maintenance and the home was updated, you’re in luck. Research shows that proper equipment maintenance and upgrades cut the energy use for heating and cooling from 20% to 50%. This will make it cheaper for you in the long run.

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