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If your Florida home is stale, muggy, and humid, you most likely need to optimize airflow using AC ductwork. Poor air quality is problematic for asthmatics, individuals with seasonal allergies, and even those without medical conditions. Regardless, having proper airflow in your home is necessary for maintaining good health.   

AC ductwork is similar to the body’s circulatory system pumping hot or cool air throughout your house. The AC ducts are essential for improving your interior air. That’s because properly placed ducts maximize the efficiency of your heating/cooling systems

Specifically, return ducts eliminate and filter dirty particles to an evaporator coil. Once the air is heated or cooled, the supply ducts send the air back through the vents. Then, you can breathe better in your own home.

AC maintenance in progress followed by AC ductwork maintenance

How To Maximize Airflow Of Your AC Ductwork

To optimize your airflow we have provided you with 7 ways to enhance the functioning of your AC ductwork:

1. Remove obstructions surrounding your AC condenser

Your AC condenser is outside your home, while the evaporator is inside and used to absorb the heat inside your house. Since the condenser is vulnerable to leaves, twigs, and dirt, clear the surrounding area to prevent obstructed airflow. Making this adjustment will stop the unit from malfunctioning.

2. Replace the air filter 

Interior air quality is affected when filters are dirty or clogged. To avoid this problem, replace your air handler filter every 90 days. 

3. Install a ventilation system

Although natural ventilation works, it requires effort to maintain a cross breeze through open windows. Since window AC systems are not equipped with ventilation, it is more efficient to install an HVAC unit. 

Return ducts pull air from inside the home to the evaporator coil of the AC unit through a blower fan. Then, once the air is heated or cooled by the HVAC system, the supply ducts push the air back into the living space. However, you should consult a professional HVAC contractor to discuss your options first, because you may be better suited with a ductless mini split system instead. 

4. Avoid closing or obstructing vents

Even if you don’t want air blowing on you, blocking or closing the vents that lead to the AC system is problematic. Otherwise, you risk inhibiting the airflow or redirecting it to the top floors of the house.

As a result, the top of the house will be much colder than the bottom. To extend the system’s longevity, remove what’s blocking the vents. Doing so will also improve AC’s functioning while saving you maintenance costs. 

5. Schedule regular ductwork inspections & cleaning

Contact your professional HVAC company for quality assurance purposes. Instead of waiting until your AC ducts are malfunctioning, get them inspected and cleaned twice a year.

6. Find & Fix Leaks

Leaks change how air distributes, making it harder to move effectively. Consequently, air leaks from the AC ducts before they’re supposed to, which weakens the pressure inside the vents and causes the airflow to slow down. With regular inspections, professionals can detect this problem before it becomes severe.

7. Turn on your ceiling fan

Setting your ceiling fan counterclockwise pushes the cool air down, decreasing the room temperature by approximately 4 degrees. Overall, this is a helpful method for preventing the AC system from being overworked.

Optimize Airflow In Your Florida Home!

With these new tips, you can reap the rewards of your AC system. When maximizing its potential, it can significantly improve your indoor air quality. If you’re looking for reliable, trustworthy services for installations, additions, or repairs, contact Action Air Conditioning, Inc. 

Our experienced professionals ensure a positive customer service experience and free estimates. Our experts are trained to address all your concerns, especially when your AC ducts need maintenance and testing. 

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