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Heating & Air Conditioning Service

Regular heating and air conditioning service is crucial to maintaining a comfortable and healthy home environment. Dust and debris can build up in your HVAC system, causing poor indoor air quality and inefficient cooling or heating. At Action Air Conditioning, we know that as a homeowner in the Tampa Bay region you have many household responsibilities, and regular HVAC maintenance and cleaning may not be your first priority. When you choose us for A/C and heating service, you’ll stay up-to-date on your system maintenance without even having to think about it. With Action Air Conditioning, you can feel confident that your air conditioner or furnace will work when you need it most! To learn more about our HVAC services and maintenance contracts available in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and the surrounding Bay Area, visit the pages below.

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Living in the Tampa area, your cooling system is your lifeline to a comfortable, enjoyable, and healthy home. You rely on it for temperature and humidity control, clean breathing air, and efficient operation. To keep cost of ownership low and performance at its peak, regular upkeep is necessary. While essential maintenance isn’t complicated, it’s of the utmost importance, and must be handled properly and by trained and conscientious professionals. The value of service is dependent on the quality of workmanship. When you entrust the condition of your cooling equipment to Action Air Conditioning, we protect your long term investment with our commitment to excellence.

Regular A/C service is essential to consistent cooling!

Yearly check-ups address the wear and tear of intense use, catching any faulty parts, areas of concern, or tuning needs. All components are checked for functionality and integrity, and small problems corrected before they graduate into major repairs. The majority of malfunctions are avoided. Through comprehensive cleaning, proper airflow and healthier air quality are ensured. Contaminants such as mold, mildew, dust, dander, pollen and insects are removed, safeguarding the air you breathe from harmful spores and bacteria. Because your system will continue to operate smoothly year after year, it will last much longer, provide superior comfort and dehumidification, and minimize energy consumption. You’ll enjoy consistent cooling and complete peace of mind.

Action Air Conditioning provides dependable air conditioning service in Tampa and surrounding areas to keep Florida cool!

All manufacturers recommend professional maintenance. If your system is protected under warranty, a record of annual tuning is often required to continue coverage. The alternative to scheduled service is to wait for a sudden malfunction. Repairs are never convenient, always seem to occur at the worst possible times, and usually when you need your air conditioner the most. Seasonal maintenance is far less costly, less time-consuming, and the very best protection of your investment. When you contact Action Air Conditioning for upkeep, we will go out of our way to provide convenient times, complete work quickly, and meet your highest expectations. Our commitment to quality began way back in 1988, and has led to continued improvement, expansion, and even higher standards. “Honesty, integrity, and reliability is what we stand for.”


Most people tend to focus on battling the heat and humidity. Keeping a refreshingly cool home throughout those long months of summer is a priority. But what about when temperatures suddenly drop? You expect your heating system to be ready to answer demands. Know that it will only treat you as good as you treat it. If you neglect necessary maintenance, your heat pump or heating system will eventually fail to take good care of you. The most reliable and cost-effective protection of your home comfort is seasonal service, performed by the licensed specialists from Action Air Conditioning. We make it simple, convenient, quick, and easy. Know that your needs will be handled within 24 hours. We’ll accommodate your schedule, keep an organized job site, and complete an extensive list of essential tasks that optimize your equipment for long lasting results. We also fulfill all warranty requirements.

Get heating system service you can count on!

The benefits of annual maintenance are ongoing. You spend a little now to save a lot more every day, year after year. Without regular cleaning, tuning, and adjustment, gradual dirt buildup and wear will set in, compromising performance. Minor issues set off a chain reaction that impacts major components. At best, the consequences are higher energy consumption, shortened service life, and decreased heating capacity. At worst, you’ll face major malfunctions, degraded air quality, possibly system failure, and devastating safety hazards. With scheduled check-ups, the HVAC specialists from Action Air Conditioning uncover and address any problems, preventing the majority of repairs. We restore original sound levels and efficiency, improving comfort and cost-savings. Through comprehensive cleaning, we eliminate the buildup of contaminants which can introduce harmful spores, dust, and bacteria into breathing air. We check startup, operation, and shutdown, verifying safe performance. When you trust the upkeep of your heating system to Action Air Conditioning, you’ll enjoy complete peace of mind.

For expert heating service that will keep you and your family warm during the cold season, contact Action Air Conditioning!

Since first opening our doors, in 1988, Action Air Conditioning has remained committed to superior service. Through meticulous attention to detail, the most sophisticated tools, and highly qualified technicians, we get top value from your investment. You’ll enjoy greater return and results for your energy dollar, enjoying a system that operates smoothly and consistently, while also benefiting from cost-savings and a more comfortable home. Our dedicated team of professionals work on all makes and models, and bring personalized focus, courteous service, and 100% dedication to your satisfaction to every job. When you trust the ongoing performance of your HVAC equipment to Action Air Conditioning, you will never be disappointed. “Honesty, integrity, and reliability is what we stand for.”


We guarantee response to your need for any type of assistance within 24 hours, and are available seven days a week, year round.

Heating & Air Conditioning Installation

For expert air conditioner and heating installation in the Tampa Bay area, contact Action Air Conditioning. We install top-of-the-line heating and cooling products from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Whether you need an air conditioner to stay cool during the day or a furnace to keep warm on those rare but chilly nights in Tampa, our team of installation technicians is standing by to assist you, 7 days a week. To learn more about our heating and A/C installation services in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater, FL, visit our pages below.

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Heating & Air Conditioning Repair

When you need air conditioner repair or furnace repair in and around Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater, FL, call on the educated and experienced team at Action Air Conditioning. More often than not, a breakdown occurs when the system is working the hardest, or in other words, when you need it the most. That’s why we offer year round repair service, 7 days a week. Don’t wait! Contact Action Air Conditioning, or visit the pages below to learn more about our A/C and heating repair service available in Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Carrollwood, Temple Terrace & Lutz, FL.

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