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Maintenance Contracts

Your Tampa Bay Air Conditioning units are not unlike any other machine; they work more efficiently and last longer with routine maintenance and cleaning. All the air circulating throughout your home goes through the air conditioning system so insuring your system is clean will keep the air in your home safe.

Besides the normal everyday dust and dirt circulating throughout a typical Tampa home that would cause the need for routine duct sanitizing, there are some other factors that may elevate the need to check out your air conditioning system:

  • Smoke (cigarettes or cigars)
  • Inhabitant with asthma
  • Pets
  • Renovation project
  • Water damage

Action Air Conditioning can help you keep your indoor air safe and clean. We will come to your home for an assessment of the state of your current system. If necessary, we can perform a professional cleaning of the entire Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system. Rather than just focusing on the ductwork, a comprehensive cleaning would include:

  • Sanitize Air Ducts
  • Air Conditioner Filter
  • Registers
  • Coils
  • Air Cleaner
  • Blower assembly

We will give you instruction on the best filters to use with your system and insure you know the importance of changing them at least once per month, especially during the hot Tampa summer season.

Cleaning your indoor air system is not an extremely complicated process but it does need to be done by a professional who knows how to access the necessary components without causing harm. Action can handle your needs.

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