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AC Filters

There are various types of air conditioning filters to choose from. How do you know which filter to buy? Which filters are good and which ones are not highly recommended?

Every system needs an AC filter of some type unless it is a ductless system. In order to keep you’re AC system functioning properly and most efficiently as possible it is crucial to buy a good air filter. Air filters rang from fiberglass to pleat to washables to electronic filters. It truly depends on your budget and how important clean air is to you.

Electronic air filters are the most reliable and effective filter to use on you’re A/C system. They are also the most expensive filter on the market. But you will never have to buy another filter again because they can be rinsed with water or vacuum cleaned.

Washable air filters are everywhere and most people think they are great because they will never have to buy another filter for their air conditioner. But when you try to rinse the dust off you will not be able to clean it all out of the filter. Therefore putting a dirty filter back in.

Fiberglass filters are the cheapest and usually don’t keep much dust out of you’re A/C system. For instance, if you were to take salt and pour it on the filter, 90% of the salt would fall through. This is exactly what would happen when dust gets sucked into your air conditioner.

The most common filter to buy is the pleat air filters. These are in the middle price range and tend to do an excellent job on trapping the dust in the filter. Action Air Conditioning recommends its customers use the pleat filters over the fiberglass and washables. Trane offers a Perfect Fit filter. This is a 5 inch thick pleat filter which only needs to be changed once a year. This is great because you will never have to remember to change the filter every month or two.

The most important thing about your air filter is changing it when it gets dirty. A dirty air filter is not doing the A/C system any good because now the air conditioner has to work harder to cool. Air filters are recommended to be changed once a month, but this can vary on the usage of your air conditioner and the type of filter. A one inch filter may last up to six months before it needs to be changed. If you would like to know more about these different filter options or have any question feel free to contact us.

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